Trucking Compliance

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Staying in complete compliance with all the federal regulations is an absolute necessity for trucking companies, regardless of size. Failure to do so will result in a variety of problems, including penalties, fines, and may even lead to the company's privileges being revoked. The vast majority of trucking company professionals are not compliance experts, however, and they often rely upon the services of a trucking compliance company to ensure they're meeting the DOT rules and regulations. Documentation and Recordkeeping Every aspect of a trucking company's operations must be accurately documented, and the records kept in a safe, secure location. It's a time-consuming, and tedious task, yet it is imperative in the case of an audit, or investigation due to an accident or other incident. Oftentimes, this is a difficult thing for companies to accomplish, because they lack experience, have inadequate staff, and are limited on time. A DOT compliance company, however, has all of the knowledge,…show more content…
This is in place to ensure that every big rig on the road is safe and in good working order. Every vehicle in a fleet must be thoroughly documented from the moment it's placed into service until it is finally retired. While a compliance company won't actually perform the maintenance, or repairs, they will assist the trucking company in creating a schedule and documenting the completed work. They also maintain the records in the proper format so they can be accessed when needed. If you're a fleet owner, don't leave DOT compliance issues to chance, protect yourself, your employees and your customers from potential problems by partnering with a reliable compliance company. When you do, you can rest assured that your company will remain in good standing with the DOT, and that you'll continue to be able to do what you love to
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