True Bearings And The Geometric Coordinate System

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TRUE BEARINGS AND THE GEOMETRIC COORDINATE SYSTEM Investigation Introduction A true bearing is a mathematical term used to define the point of the angle measured in degrees, in a clockwise direction, from the north point. A true bearing must always be written using 3 figures, for example, it is written as 042° rather than 42°. True bearings are used for specific purposes relating to coordinating geography mapping and navigation. A geographic coordinate system is properly known as “GSC” is a 3-dimensional surface in a figure of the sphere used to outline specific locations on the planet, Earth. A GSC comprises of different terms such as an angular unit of measure, a datum and a prime meridian all used to find a specific point. Longitudinal and latitudinal waves are the angles measured in degrees from the earth’s centre to help outline a specific point on the earth 's visible surface. The midway of the latitudinal line is referenced as the equator whilst the midway of the longitudinal line is referenced as the prime meridian. The GSC is used to project a certain point of the earth’s surface using latitudinal and longitudinal lines and height using a datum. Aim The aim of this investigation was to develop an understanding of true bearings and the coordinate geographic system. The use of online mapping tools was needed to help develop skills. The result of most questions ended with a degrees sign to represent it was an angle. The desired points chosen were placed in a

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