True Equality for Women at the Workplace

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People are judged by their gender, which often, in many situations, lead to bias decisions and unfairness within business organizations for women. Women are often not held up to the standard of a man in the business workforce, which leaves them with fewer position choices outside the norm. Most jobs that women have are not demanding upon the body and require little to no strength. The failure to understand adaptation by the government has caused many reforms in the past, but there are still many flaws in the hiring system that often leave women asking questions and puzzled by the bias decisions of men in charge of the management of positions. The fight for equality amongst women has been going on for many years. Although women are…show more content…
Throughout the interview she often became emotional and voiced her opinion on the situations that she had experienced and the experiences of the women in her family. Latrice retold stories of situations where her mother was turned down numerous of times because of the simple fact that she was a woman. The amount of pain caused to the family was present through her answers and descriptions of the issues. It further exemplifies the harm caused by people that have a poor mind setting toward business women and the ideal of a women being in charge of government situations. A North Carolina Agricultural and Technical senior by the name of Taylor was asked her point of view and what preparatory actions that she had took to prepare to step out into the business work force upon her graduation from college and she stated, “ I already know that its going to be very hard to get the job that I want because the company is worked and managed by a majority of males.” When asked why she felt this way she stated, “Things have not changed from years ago, we still have to fight for every job that we attempt to get even more so then men. Many of my teachers were women and they informed me that my degree had no meaning if I was not willing to fight for positions against one sided odds, so that let me know that women were not completely equal with men (Swenson).” Taylors statements gave insight of how the female

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