True Identity In John Green's 'Looking For Alaska'

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The title of John Green’s ‘Looking for Alaska’, is highlighted and developed through the text. The journey of the central character ‘Pudge’, shows how ‘looking for Alaska’ advances to represent a search for Alaska to return his feelings, a struggle to find a reason for her death, and an ever going pursuit to understand the enigma that is Alaska Young. Green shows that ‘looking for Alaska’ has a deeper meaning and is not a physical hunt, but a bottomless mental expedition of an individual saturated in mystery. Green develops ‘looking for Alaska’ through Pudge searching for her to return his feelings of “love” for her. Alaska represents the “great perhaps” Pudge came to ‘Culver Creek’ expecting to discover, although it being “unreachable” was…show more content…
Alaska took satisfaction in existing as mysterious and unfathomable, yet Pudge was determined to “see the girl behind the enigma.” Green suggests that Alaska “(has) no home” and has a “troubling backstory,” which gives reason for the masking of her personality from even her closest friends. Pudge is oblivious to Alaska’s suffering for “too long” a time and decides to “figure her out” only when she “spills” that she “smokes to die” after getting “smashed,” portraying that he was more interested in her “stunning” physical appearance. Despite Pudge’s attempts, Alaska was reluctant to open up to him and Pudge realised that she was “endlessly fascinating,” but a type of fascination he could not understand and that was something he’d “have to let go,” showing the end of his search to find the girl under the false persona. The title of Green’s ‘looking for Alaska’, is extremely significant in showing Pudge’s intentions. Green highlights the title throughout the novel and develops it through Pudge’s pursuits to look for Alaska. The answers to Pudge’s uncertainties were never quite given, and his continuous searches of feelings, death and identity were never completely successful. This signifies that a part of him would always be ‘looking for
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