Essay about True Intelligence

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True Intelligence
In spite of the fact that intelligence quotient tests have been around for decades, many professionals are attempting to determine the factors and causes behind aptitude. Several options exist to explain or disprove the reasons why some attain above average intellect, while others manage varying degrees less. Some of these alternatives, along with arguments in the general and human intelligence topics, will be found inside the following pages of discussion.
General intelligence is a real process, which involves several distinct elements and skills of reasoning. In the words of Goertzel & Pennachin (2007) “General intelligence is the ability to achieve complex goals in complex environments” (p. 59). Examples of this
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Instead, I believe that intelligence can assist in becoming wealthy, which is an entirely different affair. Also, I would like to specify that an intelligent person can be uneducated, while an uneducated person may be naturally intelligent. In my line of thinking, intelligence and education are two different matters. Rich people have the means to be educated, but the ability to be smarter must come from within the individual, not their money.
To be brief, human intelligence should never be used as a viable excuse for the justification of inequality; however, I do believe that it should be studied further to potentially find causes or treatments for those with learning disabilities. My thoughts on this subject are assumingly in align with the populous idea that far too many social inadequacies already exist, without promoting additional reasons to perpetuate these atrocities any further. We, as an evolved society, should presumably know better and act upon this knowledge humanely.
Summarily, general intelligence does exist. It is a collection of skills that allows individuals to efficiently accomplish difficult assignments in tough situations. Some people appear to have a natural ability to excel in these areas, while others less. In any case, alternative points of view have been
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