True Love In Hamlet

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What is love? Love is the romantic attachment to another person. It is the warm, butterfly feeling that lifts the spirit. An individual cares more about that person than themselves. Additionally, they can be their true self around their love. It is filled with compassion and appreciation. There are multiple layers to love, but the most profound is true love. A true love is the individual that completes the other’s soul. They are one of a kind because they are the missing piece in one’s life. If a part from this person, there is no need to stay alive because the other half is then gone. In Shakespeare’s Hamlet, Ophelia is Hamlet’s true and only love. Ophelia completes Hamlet and makes him happy. Additionally, Hamlet is Ophelia’s one true love. She will not live a life without him. They are soul mates and complete one another. However, their love doesn’t persist. Hamlet loved Ophelia, but in the end, he is solely in love with himself.
Hamlet spent all his time with Ophelia. He was truly in love with her and Ophelia should “never doubt [his] love” (Shakespeare,
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He can go from being perfectly calm to outrageously furious. He can go from being super happy to extremely depressed. By agreeing to take revenge on King Claudius, he loses sight of all the important aspects of his life. For example, he pushes away his childhood friends that were only trying to help him and he pushes away his true love who cared so deeply about him. He goes against his morals of what is right and what is wrong, just because a ghost that resembled his father came to him. Additionally, he brings worry to his family and friends. Hamlet pushes Ophelia away to keep her safe, but it has the opposite effect. Ophelia is left alone without her father and her true love. Therefore, she goes madly insane and commits suicide. The love between Ophelia and Hamlet was the remedy of survival which was instead turned into the poison of
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