True Love Is Not Like a Disney Fairytale

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What is love? Some people would say it is a feeling towards another while others say love is the relationship between two people. However, love encompasses much more than just a feeling or a relationship. Love is indescribable or at least in a few words or sentences. Love is a divine gift from the heavens, the ultimate bond between two people. In Letters to a Young Poet, Rainer Maria Rilke, the author of “Letter 7”, states, “Love is difficult, [especially for adolescents.] Young people are incapable to love because it is not a feeling they have learned” (Rilke, 1984, para. 5). It takes time and experience to truly know what love is. Therefore, I agree with Rilke in his belief of fictitious love in the majority of young people.

True love is not like a Disney fairytale. It is not something that happens from first sight or overnight. The guy does not fall instantly head over heels for a girl and vice versa. It takes time to mature. For instance, a mother does not truly love her baby until birth. She cannot physically see it, and sometimes she does not even know that she is pregnant. Over the course of about nine months, she carries her baby. She tries to give the soon-to-be-infant the utmost care. She feeds, reads, and sings to the baby. She can see sonograms and feel the baby kick. During labor, she goes through pain and suffering. When the baby fully escapes the womb, the mother has the biggest, brightest smile because it is the first time she can see and hold
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