True Loves Actions Between Frozen And Maleficent

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True Loves Actions between Frozen and Maleficent The Disney movies Frozen and Maleficent theme of true love is prevalent in both movies through the actions between the characters. Frozen takes place in the country of Arendelle at Queen Elsa`s coronation ball. At the ball, Elsa`s magical powers causes her to lose control, placing Arendelle into an eternal winter. Maleficent takes place in the Kingdom of the Humans and in the Kingdom of the Moors. Maleficent is a fairy to the Kingdom of the Moors. She is the strongest of all of the fairy`s and she protects them from danger. The King in the Kingdom of the Humans is threatened by Maleficent`s strong nature. Frozen and Maleficent are similar by the actions between the antagonists, the advisors and the protagonists. Prince Han portrays the villain in Frozen. He is the Prince of the Southern Isles who is 13 in line to the throne of his Kingdom. Hans hides his true intentions of having a relationship with Anna for his personal benefit. He deceives her with his charm and noble status to capture her heart. Anna places her trust in Hans to take care of her Kingdom when she goes on a journey to find Elsa after she runs away from Arendelle. The citizens of Arendelle believe Elsa is a monster. He uses this as an opportunity to gain their trust. He provides warm blankets and shelter due to the frozen state Arendelle is in. Anna discovers Hans’s true intentions when he betrays her by not saving her life. Anna’s life is in danger of

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