True Or False: A Fictional Narrative

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The bar tender smiles as he points over to the table where Baiken was sitting at and was drinking down a bottle of sake. She waved over as she giggles pouring him a drink as she was in a good mood. It was clear that she was drunk but that did not mean that her blade or her wit was any duller than if she was not drinking. When he had sit down across the table from her did she put photos on the table of him battling. "I told you I would make sure that you was hunting down the gears like I asked of you. But you seem to be doing well. Maybe you do have a dick on you after all and are not just some mother boy that you looked like when I first came to meet you. But you have to work on your magic more. I can feel a power that is awaking deep inside yourself. This power being born from your many battles with life and death at the line."…show more content…
"Now tell me did you learn anything from this and the meaning of what I been doing with my life. Do you know the danger you could put your mother and father if you keep up this life. The dangers that seems to follow anyone that gets into this dirty world of gears and the monsters that made them? That man is mine to kill and if you think I will let you have him than I will kill you
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