True Story Of Becoming A Nurse Essay

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I Wasn’t Like This When I Started Out:
True Story of Becoming a Nurse

Lee Gutkind provides us with true narrative and diversity in how nurses respond to their daily work. In the essay “I Wasn’t Like This When Started Out,” nurses explain how hard their job gets, and what helps them get through their shifts. Nurses discussed about their first dead, first sticks, first birth, and first overseas job. They also described their first day of orientation and how different it felt from nursing school. I enjoyed reading the essays in the book; I would recommend I Wasn’t Like This When Started Out to nurses on the job, doctors, students and also family members. My primary focus would be on students. It will help student be more prepared for what to expect in the clinical setting, the essays will help them understand some of the difficulties nurses face, like nurse burnout, dealing with difficult providers, and also different ways we can take care of family members at the bedside. I wish I had this book handy when I was in nursing school, because I would have been more informed about the clinical setting before starting my career. Some of the stories would have prepared me on what to expect, like how to deal with my first death, first shot, and my first day on the unit. Lee Gutkind mentioned in his introductory chapter that when her family was in and out of the hospital, she stated that doctors are gods and she can remember most of their names, but she cannot remember the nurse
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