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TrueCar Marketing Plan TrueCar Marketing Plan Have you ever found yourself in the middle of purchasing a vehicle and wonder if you were getting a fair deal? TrueCar aims at alleviating that issue by providing consumers with real-time, pertinent data that better guides them through their purchase decision. Additionally, they have transformed the way dealers attract their customers and inevitably sell cars. The following paper will show how TrueCar has captivated the segment with their strategic marketing plan. Executive Summary TrueCar’s objective is to alleviate the stress of purchasing a vehicle by ensuring that their members receive a fair market price. In addition to the consumer benefits, they also strive on bringing customers…show more content…
These non-paying customers can navigate seamlessly via the website platform,, and browse through almost every manufacturer’s lineup. Furthermore, they can print out a Certified Dealer-provided coupon to ensure a hassle and negotiations-free car buying experience. These users are those who have experienced traditional means of purchasing a car and are actively search for a transparent and seamless approach in making this large purchase decision. Competitive Advantage TrueCar is the only third party website vendor that has captured more than seventy-five percent of households through its Affinity Auto Buying Program (2014a). Furthermore, industry-leading technology promotes seamless online interactions and was rated by U.S News as the best automotive shopping site in 2012 (McParland, 2014). With this type of market penetration, it is very difficult for a customer to buy a vehicle without being exposed to TrueCar’s multichannel marketing strategy (see Marketing Strategy). In addition to the accolades above, TrueCar is the only company using real-time data to educate their consumers. This patented technology ensures all individual users receive a fair price and can feel confident with their purchase. Finally, the unique presentation of the website allows for a

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