Truest Language Acquisition

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It is hard to just pick one theory of language acquisition that is the truest for me. I would have to say the theoretical perspectives on language acquisition which I find to be the truest is the behaviorist perspective and the social-interactionist perspective since both believe that a child’s environment plays a significant role in their language development. I am basing this off of personal experience from working with children for quite some time now and also from our reading. As the book mentions, the four perspectives each have their place at different points in the language development process; however, I do find that some are more important than others. With that being said, this refers back to my opinion of what I find to be the truest…show more content…
I previously mentioned in another writing assignment that no two children are alike and children progress at their own pace but you will know when your child is not at the developmental milestone they need to be at. There are many concerning factors that can be related to medical issues that if not addressed as soon as possible can be detrimental to the child. The earlier you seek the proper medical help the child needs the better chances the child has down the road, that is if the medical condition is not extremely severe. For instances, a child that is a delayed speaker could actually be coming from a more serious problem such as a hearing impairment. Hearing impairments vary from conductive hearing loss, sensorineural losses, mixed hearing loss and central hearing loss. Some of these issues can be improved by the use of a hearing aid in combination with speech…show more content…
Unfortunately, I did not know the language the student’s spoke, which was Russian. I guess for a moment I knew what it was like to be one of those new students coming into a classroom not knowing the language. However, my little ones were quick to want to teach me their language. More than half of the class spoke English while a handful were English Language Learners. This was my first encounter with an English Language Learner class. I learned pretty quickly on my own what to do. I partnered students up to become helping buddies, therefore making this transition easier on my English Language Learner’s and also myself. The buddy system had to be rearranged multiple times until I found the perfect fit for each student that would not cause any classroom interruptions. I taught all my lessons with accompanying visuals as well as videos to help them better understand the material being taught. Everything in the classroom was labeled with words and pictures. Unfortunately, I am no longer teaching in that classroom but for the time frame I was in that classroom to see my student’s progression was the most rewarding feeling any teacher can have. It makes being a teacher worth all the hard work, dedication, time, effort and struggles just to see the end
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