Trujillo: A Short Story

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The faceless men appears in both oscar and beli dreams. It happened right before something bad is going to happen. It’s a curse on the family which informed them something wrong that’s going to happen. Its also horrible because its like they know their death is something close or nearby with is a supernatural causes, at this point it seems like fuku is a new world that takes over people family. tons of Trujillo's victims have remained nameless. Fuku messed with oscar whole family.lives through a long prison term, but emerges as a shell of his former life. Oscar is a fat regular Dominican boy who a ladies men. As he gets older he becomes a nerd and starts to get hard for him to find his perfect female. Trujillo is also compared to an evil character with godlike powers in an episode of Twilight Zone.The zafa comes in…show more content…
now beli a mother and realizes that she could not have been any different like platanos maduro no se vuelve verde p208. this goes to show how her mind set is maturing and how she can change and become a different person. Oscar in that time he had the impression of having the most fantastic series of dreams though by time he had his first meal a caldo de pollo he could not alas remember them. all that remained was image of an aslan like figure with golden eyes who keep trying to speak to him but Oscar couldn't hear a word above blare of the meringue coming from the neighbors house p302. i think this symbolize fuku is trying to get in touch with him but couldn't come direct with it. hes probably lost and didn't know whats going on but still was to deal with fuku while he's
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