Truly Nolen Of America, Inc.

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Organization Background Truly Nolen of America, Inc. was founded in 1938 in the midst of the Great Depression with $500 dollars in capital and a strong work ethic, provided by the founder of the company, Truly Wheatfield Nolan, who operated the small company out of part of his home improvement shop in Miami, Florida (Harbison, 2013). The company provided pest control services that were known for their effectiveness and efficiency. The founder of the company was known to be a perfectionist and a workaholic, always available to provide effective services for customers. In fact, it was the founder’s knack for solving pest-control problems that motivated him to enter the pest control business in the first place. During this time period, the business prospered and expanded with affiliates in the United States and Mexico, however the first large-scale expansions would require a change in leadership. In 1955, one of Truly Wheatfield Nolan’s sons, Truly David Nolan, began developing his own concept for the business. After working with his father on and off as an adolescent and young adult, Truly David Nolan learnt the basics of the business, but did not work with his father long—in fact none of his brothers did—because the perfectionism and mindset of his father was difficult to endure for along period of time.
Instead of becoming his father’s junior partner, the younger Truly David Nolen decided to roll the dice and start his own Truly Nolen Company in Tucson, Arizona, which was

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