Truman Capote : Hard Times Make Good Stories

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Truman Capote: Hard Times Make Good Stories "Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor" (BrainyQuote.) The great deal of hardships in my life led me to be successful. I dealt with abandonment for much of my life. I failed at many thing in my life but writing was not one of them. I became famous after I failed many times. I am one of the most famous and controversial figures in contemporary American literature (DIScovering authors.) My non-fiction books, journals, and characters were greatly influenced by my lack of love as a child. I was born September 30th 1934, in New Orleans, Louisiana. My full name wad Truman Streckfus Persons. My mother was Lillie Mae, she was a small town girl. She fell in love with my father, and they got married young. Then they had me but, it seems like the day I was born, they decided they didn 't want me. They weren 't ready for the responsibility of a child. I went to live with my mom 's relatives, because my own mother didn 't want me. I was never able to enjoy my childhood, like other little kids. I was always moving around. The only good thing that came out of living in Alabama was meeting my best friend. ( Editors) My childhood wasn 't filled with happiness. I never really had any friends, I was a sad child. I was lonely. The only part of my childhood that was enjoyable was being friends with Harper Lee. We were both odd ducklings. We would hang out in the tree house and read mystery novels all day. We began to…
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