Truman Capote and Rachel Armstrong: Analysis of Critical Movie Characters

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Truman Capote and Rachel Armstrong Critical Movie Character Analysis How the characters are positioned as 'Outsiders', in their lives and in the films (i.e. how do they behave as outsiders in their on-screen world, amongst friends, family, colleagues, etc., and how does the film emphasize that outsider position). The two characters, Truman Capote and Rachel Armstrong, are definitely to be considered outsiders. They both live outside the realm of what could be considered a normal life by most people. Various cultures are a set of norms that are shared through various aspects of the society. Any behaviors that fall outside of this set of norms can be considered as abnormal. Both of these characters definitely fall under this social category. However, both characters are social outsiders for very different reasons. One is an outsider because of their sexual preferences and the other is considered an outsider for a controversial aspect to her profession. The role of an outsider in fiction is a very interesting one. Most people get comfortable living under a set of cultural norms without every challenging their validity. Their culturally based worldview often dismisses the differences that they might find in an outsider type character. Movies however have the gift of having a captive audience for ninety minutes or longer. As a result, a popular theme in movies is to exhibit the lives of such an outsider character in a way that inspires a level of understand that may

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