Truman Capote 's The Cold Blood Response

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In Cold Blood Response While reading Truman Capote’s “In Cold Blood” I was transported to a town that was just like my hometown. The town of Holcomb, Kansas had awoken one morning to the unexpected and gruesome murder of the Clutter family. While reading this non-fiction novel I experienced the whole story through the eyes of the residents of Holcomb. We learned about the life of the Clutters before the murder, the life of the murders, and the final outcome of the trial. While reading this non-fiction novel I feel that I was there when the crime was committed. You get to know the people of this town, the murders, and the victims. In this paper I am going to take my own interpretation of this story to answer my own question. How did the…show more content…
Mr. Clutter was a hardworking and no nonsense man. Mrs. Clutter was so mentally ill she couldn 't be outside of the confines of her bedroom for very long. Nancy was the nicest girl in town, that would make time for you. Kenyon was a tinker and quiet compared to his sister. Capote unraveled all of the information by interviewing the citizens of Holcomb. Holcomb is your basic midwestern small town with the same norms and tight knit society. After the murders took place it was less than an hour that the bodies were discovered that the entire town knew. This tragedy flew out of peoples mouths faster than they could process the information. The outcome of this is that the murders in Holcomb ensued fear from these horrific unexpected events. For the first time the citizens of Holcomb had to think about the dangers that were out in the world and had just rooted themselves in their peaceful quiet little town. Another first, for the residents of Holcomb was that they to deal with the “unique experience of distrusting each other” (Capote.) Everyone was living in fear, they didn 't know where the murderers could be. For all they knew they could be at the grocery store or sitting by them at church. The fear was so great that some families even moved out of Holcomb thinking that they would be safer. These murders clearly made a detrimental affect on this small towns society. Another premise I found while reading this story and from my experience with small towns is that
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