Truman Capote’S In Cold Blood Is A Nonfiction Novel About

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Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood is a nonfiction novel about the Clutter family murders in Holcomb, Kansas. It explains the effects of the murders on the community and goes in depth about the killers, their trials, and their hangings. The film Capote was made based on the experiences that Capote went through while writing In Cold Blood. It shows his feelings about the events occurring and shows how writing the novel affected him. It also includes how he began to form a relationship with the murderers, especially Perry Smith. The two have very clear comparisons with quite a few differences also. Although Capote did not include himself within the book directly, there were sections which seemed to have a bias, especially towards Perry Smith. The…show more content…
The description of Perry was extremely detailed and focused on his physical body, while the short description of Dick only said a few things about his personality. It appears that Capote wanted to explain more about Perry and find something common about him to relate and sympathize him. Additionally, In Cold Blood included a statement from one of the psychiatrists. Dr. Jones concluded, “Perry Smith shows definite signs of severe mental illness. His childhood, related to me and verified by portions of the prison records, was marked by brutality and lack of concern on the part of both parents. He seems to have grown up without direction, without love, and without ever having absorbed any fixed sense of moral values” (296-297). In court Dr. Jones had said that he had no opinion on Smith’s ability to know right from wrong, but Capote chose to add what the Doctor actually thought in order to make Perry look like he only murdered the Clutters because of mental illness. Capote wanted to give Perry the best chance at looking like a decent person. Perry is pitied for what he had to go through during his childhood. Furthermore, Capote included an increased number of examples of Capote having feelings for Perry in a more extreme way. The film overemphasized the relationship between Capote
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