Truman Doctrine And The Cold War

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The Cold War was one of the most peculiar occurrences in human history, which endured almost fifty years and all those years was the dominant characteristic of international relations. It was a period of indirect confrontation between two, at the time(1945-1989), most powerfull countries in the world- the Soviet Union and the United States of America. However, there is no exact and precise date of the beginning of the war, as it started gradually, with the contribution of many different causes. However, a common question usually arises: was the Truman Doctrine responsible for starting the Cold War? First of all, Truman doctrine and its objectives must be presented. The Truman doctrine was established in 1947, by the thirty-third president of the United States- Harry S. Truman. In the book “ The Truman Presidency’’ the Truman doctrine was described as ‘’one of the most momentous events in international political relations of this century”. The Truman Doctrine was necessary, as the communist push and constraint on Greece and Turkey menaced both of them with debacle. The main issue was, that if Turkey fell, Greece would collapse with her and vice versa. And if the USSR would break through these political barriers, the rest of Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and even India would be in peril. In other words- there would be an obvious dominance of Communism, which could not be allowed, as it would disrupt the growing idyll of capitalism and democracy. The only way that

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