Truman Doctrine

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All things in history have a place and time. In fact we are history. Had it not been for the previous events in world history, our existence could have been questionable. What would have happened if Hitler did take over the world? Would we be alive today? What if the cold war turned hot at some point? All these doubts tend to help an individual realize that everything in world history happens for a specific reason and therefore everything has its own time and place. One significant event in United States history had been the Vietnam War. However, the Vietnam War that I speak of didnÁ─≥t last from the mid 1960Á─≥s to early 1970Á─≥s. Rather, the events that had lead up to the proceedings of the situation…show more content…
He understood that Vietnam was the where the line was drawn. If he had not been stern with foreign policy and his involvement, Khrushchev and the Russians would ride him all the way out of his presidency. Just as Eisenhower had done, Kennedy had backed up Diem to fullest extent as well. He believed that Diem played an intricate role in the success of the US presence within Vietnam. JFK knew that Khrushchev had overpowered him. However, that had not fazed him. JFK knew that this incident would not be based on leaders. It would heavily rely on counterinsurgency. In fact, JFK based his whole foreign policy with Vietnam on counterinsurgency. JFKÁ─≥s strong tactics didnÁ─≥t help him though. Events such as the Bay of PigÁ─≥s in April of 1961 merely embarrassed him in front of the Russians. In addition, after the June 1961 meeting between himself and Khrushchev, JFK felt quite overwhelmed by the Russian leader. After returning home, JFK went ahead and called up the reserves, increased draft quotas, and ordered a civil defense program. With thus in mind, JFK had a very hot hand on everything. He seemed to be very pro-war after the meeting in Vienna. However, before his assassination, JFK called for an end to the hostility, and foresaw cooperation between Russia and the US. Nevertheless, JFKÁ─≥s life came to an abrupt end on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas as Lee Harvey Oswald shot and killed

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