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The Truman Doctrine * Britain could no longer afford its traditional international rule. Greece and Turkey were both facing communist pressures, so G.B. asked the U.S. to fill in. * As the leader of the “free world,” the U.S. must now shoulder the responsibility of supporting “freedom-loving peoples” wherever communism threatened them. * “The Truman Doctrine is the U.S. policy of CONTAINMENT.” * Because of the Truman Doctrine we might find ourselves in an array of fights. The Marshall Plan * Marshall pledged the U.S. to contribute billions of dollars to finance the economic recovery of Europe. * A policy not against any country or doctrine but against hunger, poverty, and chaos – a New Deal for Europe. *…show more content…
The Legal Assault on Segregation * Mendez v. Westminster (1946) – California Supreme Court ordered the schools of Orange County desegregated. Headed by the League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC). * Successfully desegregates the schools and will lead to the desegregate all of California. * Earl Warren – governor of California, who will sign a measure that repealed all school laws requiring racial segregation. * Would lead to the desegregation to all schools in the U.S. Brown v. Board of Education * Thurgood Marshall – An attorney, who led the NAACP to bring about an end to the policy of “separate but equal.” * Brown v. board of Education (1954)- Marshall combined five such cases from four states and Washington D.C. to combat not the application of “separate but equal but the principle itself.” DESEGREGATED SCHOOLS. * Marshall contended that regardless of equal funding and facilities…segregation was unequal in that it stigmatized one group as unfit. Emmet Till * 14 years old. Accused of flirting with a white girl. * Kidnapped and killed. * Mother has an open casket at his funeral. * Two charged with the crime were acquitted. * Two months later they admitted to the crime in an interview but were protected by Double Jeopardy. * A series of violence placed onto a group of people,

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