Truman Show: Can We Really Receive The Truth?

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In the movie, Truman Show directed by Peter Weir, Truman lives a fake life, in a fake town with all his friends and family who play their roles as actors in a reality TV show. The most popular TV-series in the world in played 24 hours a day, every day. Christof, the owner and director of the television show adopted Truman Burbank, and now he lives a normal life in public. Christof is correct when he says that if Truman really discovers the truth, that they can’t help him. There are many suspensions that Truman had on the way to discovering the truth. During Truman’s high school life, Truman saw a girl during a parade; they gazed into their eyes, but never met, but then a girl, Meryl did a fake fell and Truman Meryl got married after high school but Truman still remembers Sylvia. But after a few years until Truman had suspensions, Truman noticed many changes with Meryl as Truman saw her crossed her fingers in one of the wedding pictures. Finally, Truman decides to leave town and basically kidnaps Meryl and drives off the set of Seahaven. He is stopped by a framed…show more content…
After Truman escapes into the ocean, he sails off knowing that everyone is watching him. Christof and the crew decide to make him turn back by increasing the weather to max. Christof overload the weather scale and Truman drowns but still survives. Truman reaches the end of the set, as it is the dome. We don’t accept Truman’s drowning but he did what he had to do to try making Truman stay in the set/show. But despite the storm Christof lets him leave and let him live his life. These evidences show how determined Truman is to leave and to see the real world that waits for him. On occasions in 'The Truman Show' Truman is literally forced to stay in Seahaven as the actors and Christof work hard to prevent him from leaving by putting distraction and obstacles on his way but sometimes-small mistake can lead to big
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