Truman Show Character Development

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In the film, Truman Show by Peter Weir, the director used a variety of visual and verbal techniques to develop the character Truman Burbank. Wier used the movement of actors, dialogue, props and symbolism to show how Truman progressed from being a typical all-American guy to a courageous man who 's willing to face his fears to break free from the chains that binds him to his 'creator. '

Truman Burbank is a star of his own show- The Truman Show- and everybody knows except him. He lives in the best place in the world, Seahaven, where the people are always friendly and well-dressed. The houses they live in are painted to perfection with well-tended gardens. Here, Truman lives a seemingly perfect life with his beautiful wife, Meryl, and
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Adam left the paradise, Eden, after eating the forbidden truth of knowledge the same way Truman left his paradise, Seahaven, after learning the truth of his life. However, unlike God, Cristof wanted Truman to stay in Seahaven because it 's 'the way the world should be. ' The ending of the film had left the minds of the audience in a state of confusion and mixed emotions. Cristof urges Truman to stay, telling him: Truman, there 's no more truth out there than in the world I created for you - the same lies and deceit. But in my world you have nothing to fear. ' The audience are torn between supporting Truman in his long awaited new life or wishing him to stay in Seahaven were they can watch him and be part of his life. Truman 's answer had also likened him to being the second Adam- to being Jesus Christ who sacrificed himself and is ressurected to a new life as Truman sacrificed his seemingly perfect world where his life is controlled for the 'sick place ' where he has freedom. Symbolism was used to show the audience how courageous and heroic Truman is.

In conclusion, Weir used dialogue, movement of actors, props and symbolism to develop the character, truman Burbank. In all of the characters in the film, only Truman showed a change in character. He was always wishing to get out of Seahaven, yearning for an adventure and a new life. But he never did anything to do it; he let his fears and uncertainty to get the best of him. He chose
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