Truman Was Absolutely Determined To Discover The Truth Essay

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Christof says that, “If he (Truman) was absolutely determined to discover the truth, there is no way we could prevent him from leaving.” To what extent do you agree? We can say that there is one point where he is completely correct, if he does find out the truth, we cannot prevent him from finding out what is happening. In the movie, there are many mistakes or incident which leads him to find out the world isn’t real around him. He also has the personality of an explorer which could have been from his biological father, so we can’t not prevent him from exploring but they could reduce it only. As he grew up, he came with many suspension of the reality show. Christof mentions the line during an interview with a caller, Sylvia, a former cast…show more content…
First, a lighting fixture falls from the clear blue sky, but then recovered by a satellite fixture report on the radio. Later, while sitting on the beach, rain begins to fall, oddly enough directly on his head and then failing to fall anywhere but his head. After he sees a homeless man on the streets who looks like his father, who is later dragged off onto a bus by the cast members around him. Later, he is on his way to work and when an accidentally locates a radio frequency while driving on which people are clearly giving the details of his every movement. Truman is then on a quest to uncover the truth of the world and attempts to escape from his hometown of Seahaven to go to Fiji. After tricking the crew into thinking he was sleeping, he escapes to the ocean. The director and the crew try to prevent it by sending another ship and increasing the weather intensity. He crashes into the end of the dome, which is a wall where the sky is painted. He walks along the wall until he sees staircase where is leads to a door. On top of the door says “EXIT”. He opens it and is about to walk through for freedom and then the director, Christof talks to him. He tries to convince him to stay, to turn back, but Truman rejects the offer. The television studio ceases transmission. These evidences show how determined Truman is to leave and to see the real world that awaits for
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