Truman 's A Man Of Great Success And A Natural Born Leader

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Truman’s Battle
Harry Truman was a man of great success and a natural born leader. Following the death of Roosevelt, Harry Truman stepped up to be America’s president. His simple life growing up on a farm prepared him in more ways than one could begin to understand. He was not an expert on foreign policy, but he understood how the government worked and had a vast knowledge on American history. His time fighting during World War I in the Vosges Mountains in Northern France had prepared him for the strategically and tactical skills needed by leaders, to create solutions to problem that might occur. The simple, ordinary man from Lamar, Missouri was faced with multiple decisions to make for an entire nation. In a time after World War II, the United States was faced with the beginning rise of communism and use of nuclear power. Harry Truman was a very active and successful president who was able to accomplish many things in office even during his first two years alone. According to Portraits of America many of his achievements were ”the first civil rights message ever sent to the armed forces, the Truman doctrine, the recognition of Israel, the Berlin Airlift, and the Marshall Plan, which saved western Europe from economic and political ruin and stands today as one of the great American achievements of the century.” (McCullough p.256) Truman’s legacy can be remembered from August 6, 1945 when the United States dropped two atomic bombs in the city of Hiroshima, Japan. As said…
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