Truman 's Foreign Policy On President Of The United States

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Throughout his tenure as the President of the United States, the public opinion of Harry S. Truman has varied wildly, from being beloved by most all the American population, to being opposed by that same populace a few short years later. Though his domestic policy certainly did not help him, Truman’s foreign policy, the most famous, or infamous, depending on how one looks at it, was the most influential with the public. The anti-communist fervor in the United States, coupled with a few other factors, led to the Truman Administration’s increasingly unpopular actions in its foreign policy. The main causes of Truman’s unpopularity in his second term as president were rooted in his anti-communist and imperialist foreign policy towards the end, and after World War 2. Before delving into how Truman’s foreign policy affected public opinion on him, it is important to see the man’s own beliefs on the subject. On foreign policy, Truman claimed that his foreign policy had been made “on the basis of an informed public opinion and overwhelming support” (Source 2 p.190), and he wasn’t wrong to a certain extent. It was successful in the way Fmr. Secretary of State Christian Herter describes: “a successful foreign policy must… to be effective, command the support of the vast majority of the American people-otherwise it would not be given the tools by the Congress which are essential to its fulfillment.” (Source 2 p. 191). While most of his decisions were initially made from public
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