Truman 's Policy On Containment Of Communism

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In daylight of President Eisenhower’s policy on containment of communism, the Soviets feel they have no choice but to resist any such efforts. While we have successfully positioned ourselves as the number one nuclear power on the planet, Nikita Khrushchev has built up a nuclear power of his own. I have gathered classified information leading me to believe that Khrushchev has landed these weapons of mass destruction in Cuba as part of a “nuclear pressure” policy, code named “Anadyr” (Zubok, 144). I am disappointed to say that we have underestimated the Kremlin. It is crucial to inform President Kennedy of the situation immediately in order to make timely decisions on how to handle the situation and to ensure the security of the United States of America. 1. The present crisis we face is a situation we never could have imagined prior to the uprising events in Cuba that lead to this day. It is impossible to think American corporations once had control of almost all of Cuba’s land and industry. In a way it was almost part of the United States. How could we let this happen? The uprising of Cuba’s people lead by Fidel Castro ended our friendly economic relationship with Cuba. Castro’s regime presented a new threat of communist influence to the United States and the western world. As a result, President Kennedy’s leading effort to eradicate Fidel Castro’s communist regime in Cuba is now a big priority. Perhaps Kennedy was unaware of the opportunities this creates for the Soviet
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