Truman 's President Was Extremely Significant During The Cold War

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Harry S Truman President was extremely significant during the years 1945-1953 and after succeeding Roosevelt in 1945, faced a huge task in attempting to rebuild post war Europe. His impact on international relations was key as he bridged the gap between the end of WW2 and the beginning of the Cold War. Despite becoming aware of the Nuclear weapon at Potsdam, it was not until Truman announced that he was going to use it on the Japanese did the fight for balance of power intensify. The Berlin Airlift, The Truman Doctrine and The Marshall plan can all be seen as milestones as they placed America on a pedestal in terms of international relations, however the impact was not as great as the bombs. This would agree that Truman’s most significant was the decision to bomb Hiroshima and Nagasaki. One way in which Truman asserted significance on international relations was at Potsdam, as he used it as an indicator to show he was looking to ‘get tough’ with the Russians, especially after Stalin had arrested the non-communist leader of Poland. Truman learned of the testing of the Atomic bomb and no longer needed Russian aid against the Japanese. Churchill spoke on that day (22nd July) of his behaviour at the meeting claiming “When he got to the meeting after having read this report he was a changed man. He told the Russians just where they got on and off and generally bossed the whole meeting.” Churchill has seen how both Roosevelt dealt with the Russian’s and Truman’s new approach, for

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