Truman's Decision To Use The Atomic Bomb

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Our President of 1938, Harry Truman, agreed to use the Atomic Bomb for the use of Warfare. I agree with this act because it saved so many lives and put the U.S. in the lead of World War II. The Japanese wanted to attack the U.S.A. at the island of Midway. The U.S. found this out by getting into their messages and cracking their code. President Truman made a huge decision and decided to drop two bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man. The U.S. decided to attack Okinawa and Iwo Jima. Okinawa became one the of the most deadly battles of World War 2. As a matter of fact, my grandpa, Silvio Giusti was a machine gunner in the battle of Okinawa. The Japanese had Kamikazes, who were suicidal plane bombers. The Kamikaze pilots practiced Bushido. Emperor Hirohito
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