Trump : An Old Man That Has Made Over Two Million Dollars

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Rich, authoritative and risky are a few words that best describe Donald Trump.

Trump is a business icon that has made over two-million dollars in real estate. He lives in New York City where he owns Trump Towers and Trump Plaza. Trump is considered as a hero to young adults, who have big business expectation for themselves. Trump is the Ultimate businessperson.

Trump is an old man that has been through many generations. Trump has stood strong for many years, because of the way he lives. Trump is a risk taker and isn’t afraid to standout. However, Trump had a breakdown in the early 90’s. He was in debt for more than 1 million dollars. Although he was on the bottom, Trump was able to pull himself out of the debt. He was able to make more than 2 billion in the next years. This shows how calm and how much resilience he has.

Trump has a lifestyle that can be described as a hero. He has given money to charities and gives people opportunities to succeed. Trump is best-known for remodeling the city ice rink (free of cost). Trump has brought many families together by allowing them to spend quality time with each other at the city ice rink. Trump gives on many occasions. Trump will always have his name in history, not just because he was a billionaire, because he was a giving billionaire.

Trump is rich and powerful in the businessworld. He is a hero when it comes to the entrepreneurship. However, there are some slight negatives if you were to model life by him. For…
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