Trump And The Political World

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Questions have arisen about why Donald Trump is doing so well in the political world. Trump’s predicted votes are continuing to go up, and has majority lead in the current polls. However, are the American people sure why? I believe Trump is leading in the polls due to his interest in the United States’ national debt. Although one way Trump is planning to rid our debt is by cutting into US citizens’ tax returns, I believe Donald Trump has the political world wrapped around his finger because of his initiative and courage with ridding the US debt. The American people should be able to see the overall picture of what Trump is aiming for. It is a brighter future for all involved as US citizens, even with cut tax returns. Trump is ultimately…show more content…
Some reasons being, national debt, religious exemptions, trade, unemployment, healthcare, ISIS, United States nuclear stockpile, Education, Social Security, immigration, and Infrastructure. Most past presidential candidates have focused their arguments on one main thing, and not a lot of different things that piece together, like a puzzle. However, one huge piece of this presidential puzzle is the economy. Why wouldn’t the economy be a huge part of the puzzle? The economy alone is what reflects on everything else in this puzzle, so let’s say that everything else that Trump is saying is a puzzle piece and the economy is the glue. As we know, the US economy is in bad shape, and the national debt is literally increasing by the second. Debt and the economy influence everything everyday people on an everyday basis. One of the main things that Trump wants to do is rid religious exemptions from taxes. A lot of people do not agree with this up front, but take a closer look at it. For example, the churches; each official member of the church pays a tithe. A tithe is 10% of your income that week. So, every person in a 300 plus church with 10% every week, that church is very wealthy. That church does not have to pay any sort of taxes to the government. Amish do not pay any taxes whatsoever, but still use our highway systems and hurt our roads with their metal wheels and horse hooves. Now, look at all that
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