Essay on Trump Hotel and Tower Chicago

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With Trumps decision to build a new skyscraper in Chicago, architectural company Skidmore, Owings and Merrill had their work cut out for them. They needed to design a building that matched the expectations of not only Donald Trump but also the city of Chicago. Trump International Hotel and Tower forever changed the Chicago skyline. Trump Tower was the tallest building built in the United States since the Sears Tower also located in Chicago. This luxury building offers only the finest accommodations in order to serve those who invest in renting within the tower. From the original plan of the building to the tower that stands today, Trump International overcame set back after set back in order to complete their dream. The design,…show more content…
It was very hard to get the design of the tower approved by the public because many believed that the tower did not match Chicago architecture. To solve this controversy, architects took the neighboring buildings and the natural setting into consideration when designing the tower. Blair Kamin explained that the tower is a building whose form derives not from its internal structure as many other Chicago skyscrapers do, but from its relationship to its external setting. Clear glass was used to enhance the whiteness of the neighboring Wrigley Building. Designers also built Trump Tower to have as many views of the Chicago River as possible. The river runs along the south side of the building. Troubles also arose when deciding the height of the tower. Donald Trump explains that “prior to September 11, we had plans for a building of approximately 150 stories” (“Trump International”). After the events of September 11, the height of the tower was lowered to 92 stories. This change eliminated many of the office spaces that had been in the original design.
Walking into the tower one cannot overlook the beautiful interior design. From the floors to the ceiling the design team went all out on insuring that Trump Tower would impress even the wealthiest of guests. Designers chose zebra wood, Italian marble and French limestone on the floors of the hotel. Although these materials are no doubt exquisite, the use of zebrawood struck up some controversy. Zebrawood is a species of wood
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