Trump Immigration Policy

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Under the new immigration enforcement policies of the Trump administration millions of people living in the United States illegally could soon be targeted for deportation. Any immigrant who is in the country illegally and is charged or convicted of any offense, or even suspected of a crime, will now be an enforcement priority, according to Homeland Security Department memos signed by Secretary John Kelly. Under the Obama administration, immigrants whose only violation was being in the country illegally were generally left alone.
Donald Trump’s deportation policy focuses on anyone who has been charged with a criminal offense, even if it has not led to a conviction. He also includes anyone who has “committed acts that constitute a chargeable criminal offense,” (Medina, J). Which means anyone the authorities believe has broken any type of law, regardless of whether that person has been charged with a crime.
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To get this done, he mainly plants to build the wall he has promised, as I mentioned. “Trump initially demanded for Mexico to pay for the building of the wall- and Kelly's memos reiterate calls for Homeland Security to start planning for the costs and construction” (Baker, A). Also, during Trump's earlier immigration orders, he banned all refugees as well as foreigners from seven Muslim-majority countries, which he has had extensive criticism and legal action.
While I do see immigrants coming to the United States illegally as an issue, the focus on which immigrants or priority deportees is not efficient. It seems that most presidential administrations, especially Donald Trumps have chosen to focus on immigrants with non-threatening charges. I think instead the focus should at least be on the illegal immigrants who are a threat to citizens like those in gangs or other illegal activities, rather than those with small
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