Trump Pathos Example Essay

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Answer 1: Trump Pathos Example: Trump could not persuasive the audience on the emotional level. He triggers fear and anger as a leader. He repeatedly interrupted Clinton while she was speaking. His lack of control, “when he says I think my strongest asset, maybe by far, is my temperament”. This was not a good message to the audience. Answer 2: Clinton Pathos Example: Clinton attitude on how calm she was and, always keep her composer constantly throughout the debate. On the other hand, Trump interrupts her constantly, he was unable to control himself. Especially when Clinton brought up the part of Trump saying “This is a man that called women pigs, slobs and dogs and said women being pregnant was an inconvenience to employer”. As well when…show more content…
Trump Evidence Example: Trumps evidence of saying that Pennsylvania has lost 35 percent of its manufacturing jobs since 2001, per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, he was right. His evidence was Recency his evidence was up to date which is good evidence. Answer 8. Clinton Evidence Example: Clintons evidence was when she mentioned in the debate that Trump has taken Business Bankruptcy six times. The evidence show that is true its accurate Trump declared four times within two years in the 1990s and once more in 2004 and 2009. Her evidence was Relevance it is accessible internally and externally to support her claim, that proved Trump has filed Bankruptcy. Trump Blame -Values-Choice Example: In the debate Trump blamed a lot things on Clinton for what the Country is going through. He said that Hillary Clinton has been doing this for the past 30 years trying to get the NAFTA agreements better, he said she should have already took care of this situation then not now. Since he says its defective. Trump was using Blame issue which was a Past Tense argument. 10. Clinton Blame-Values-Choice Example: Hillary Clinton said “we need jobs, good jobs with rising incomes, we need to raise the national minimum wage as well as guarantee equal pay for women’s work”. Clinton was using the Value issue which is considered the Present
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