Trump 's Relationship With The American Public

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In terms of his relationship with the American public, Trump has exploited one of German sociologist Ferdinand Tonnies concepts of social relations known as Gesellschaft. According to Tonnies’ theories, social relationships or ties can be categorized by the distinct interactions amongst individuals, and the either personal or impersonal roles, or values and beliefs between them. In the case of Gesellschaft, Tonnies describes it as a large, urban society in which social bonds are based on impersonal and specialized relationships (lecture 9). In other words, the relationship between Trump and many of his supporters are not based in deep rooted tradition or close personal friendships, but instead on an impersonal relation that is viewed as rational, and derived as a response to their agreeance with Trump’s beliefs and ideologies. This support and devotion is apparent in many of Trump’s rallies; however, one rally on November 21st of last year particularly highlights the reality of negative influences within reference groups, and how they can be used to exercise immense power. While campaigning in Alabama, Trump encountered shouts from the crowd by well-known activist Mercutio Southall Jr., who made the exclamation that “Black lives matter!” After he shouted, Trump demanded his removal from the crowd yelling for security to “Get him the hell out of here… throw him out!” Members of the crowd began to show their support for Trump’s outright disapproval by kicking, punching,
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