Trump's Role In The Election Of Donald J. Trump

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Class, culture, and race have always played a significant role in the election, and class specifically had astronomical impact on the election of Donald J Trump. From 1936 to 1960, it was clear that the democrat party was liked more among middle and lower class workers than those who were higher-class workers. Citizens United played a role in the election, depending on your social class, you could choose to donate more money to Trump's campaign, this in turn treated money as if it was free speech. Many US citizens have this backwards idea that the Trickle Down…show more content…
This leads to the argument that Trumps election was heavily impacted by the upper class, because they donated so much money to his campaign. Trump's election started and finished off as simply a game about money. Citizens United is to be blamed, because it allowed the american people to donate as much money as they wanted to campaigns. According to Parks Avenue, the Koch brothers, along with 398 of the richest Americans, own as much wealth as the lower 50 percent of the population of the United States. In 2012, “the Koch' network spent just under $400 million” (Park Avenue). Imbalance and inequality something that comes to mind when thinking of Citizens United. Free speech should not be allowed to be spent. INEQUALITY Many citizens of the United States voted for Donald Trump for reasons regarding inequality. During the 2016 Election, Trump planned to cut corporate taxes, “from a top rate of 35 percent to 15 percent; his plans to cut tax rates for the highest earners, from nearly 40 percent now to 33 percent at the top rate; and to reduce regulations on business” (The Washington Post). These were his
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