Trung Nguyen Approach Strategies

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With a vision in potential emerging Vietnamese market, where GDP per capita
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Moreover, products cater to the specific needs of its target consumers lead to diverse target markets stimulates growth of businesses, creates monopoly product.
Market Expansion strategy:
At the end of 2007, G7 instant coffee was launched and exported to developed countries over the world. Trung Nguyen Coffee continued developing the network with 600 coffee shops in Vietnam, 121 distributors, 700 points of sales 59,000 retail products in 2004. Especially in 2005, Trung Nguyen Coffee inaugurated a roasting factory in Buon Ma Thuot and started to implement a plan about the chain of the modernist factories with the first in Binh Duong which is the biggest instant coffee factory in Vietnam. Up to now, the fifth already has been run in Bac Giang. In 2008, Trung Nguyen continued launching new franchise systems in Vietnam and international. Trung Nguyen’s efforts are confirm the value of Trung Nguyen Coffee brand, Vietnam coffee in the world market. Not limiting in conquering the domestic market with value, quality and style, Dang Le Nguyen Vu used the concept “soft power”- the power allows Vietnamese business which has no strength at finance and technology can be launched over

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