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Group: 2 Team: Baby Bamboo International Business Plan RMIT International University Vietnam Bachelor of Commerce Program ASSIGNMENT COVER PAGE Your assessment will not be accepted unless all fields below are completed Subject Code: | BUSM3311 | Subject Name: | INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT | Location where you study: | RMIT Vietnam – City Campus | Title of Assignment: | INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS PLAN | File(s) Submitted | BUSM3311_G2_Team: Baby Bamboo_International_Business_Plan.docx | Student name: | Tran Hong TriNguyen Van ThanhBui Thi Xuan MaiLe Xuan PhongPhan Hong An | Student Number: | S3246017S3245939S3258207S3220673S3256179 | Student Email Address: |…show more content…
In particular, there are 5 main competitors that Trung Nguyen has to consider mostly: Turabo café, Starbucks, Costa Coffee, Bourbon and Gloria Jean’s Coffee. Moreover, in term of analyzing market, the SWOT analysis will come up to present a critical situation for Trung Nguyen Company. Fourthly, after analyzing about the business environment, we will look at the Global Competing Strategy. Here, the project will set objectives for 3 years in term of marketing which must be in SMART standard. Then, there different entry modes will be proposed for Trung Nguyen company while expanding its business into Romania market: Joint Venture, Direct Ownership and Franchising. Each entry mode will be considered about pros and cons, after that, decision making Matrix will be established in order to compare and make a decision for the best selection of entry mode for Trung Nguyen: Franchising. This solution seems to be a the most appropriate strategy for Trung Nguyen Company while go to Romania since it would contribute the highest product quality standard, the lowest investment capital and the best brand equity management (comparing to the rest 2 options: Joint Venture and Direct Ownership). Moreover, many marketing strategies for segmentation, targeting and positioning will be coming up next in order to support for the entry mode strategies and many sections above. Next, budget for

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