Trung Nguyen's Case Study in Vietnam

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Introduction Trung Nguyen is a famous Vietnamese brand of coffee established in 1996. The Corporation contains of many companies like Trung Nguyen Joint Stock Company, Trung Nguyen instant coffee Joint Stock Company, Trung Nguyen coffee Limited Company, Vietnam Global Gateway Joint Venture and so on. Their major industries are manufacturing, processing and trading of tea, coffee; franchising and distribution services, modern retail like G7 mart. Trung Nguyen is the first Vietnamese company who succeeded in applying a form of franchising in domestic and overseas markets and also the biggest exporter in Vietnam of processed coffee. Trung Nguyen now is having a network of nearly 1,000 coffee shops across the country and franchised shops in…show more content…
In addition, managers are the one who make decision in any activities of the company so their influence within the company is very strong. Employees in Trung Nguyen Corporation also play an important role in term of responsibility for all aspects of works, especially production factors. Trung Nguyen has approximately 2,000 employees in all of its public limited companies as well as factories in Vietnam and Singapore agent so their direct influence to the company is also remarkable. Those employees when motivated will be more productive and creative in order to create better products as well as services for the customers of Trung Nguyen Corporation. b. The connected stakeholders: The connected stakeholders are divided into several groups: The shareholders, the banks, the suppliers and the customers. In order to raise finance for the business projects, Trung Nguyen’s PLC companies need the investment by issuing shares to the Stock Market. The investors who buy shares of the companies will be called shareholders. Shareholders have voting rights in the operation of the company therefore they can gain their influence via buying new shares. Shareholders also have the right to sell their shares to others thus making the company vulnerable to be taken over. Bankers are the one which company will think of when they need money for expenses. A bank is keen to minimize the risk of interest not being paid

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