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Truss Construction Shop Analysis: Resynthesizing and Strengthening Ethical Standards University of Maryland University College AMBA 600 Truss Construction Shop Analysis: Resynthesizing and Strengthening Ethical Standards Per your request, further investigation on Truss Construction Shop employee, John Craftsmen case has been completed. Incident (dated Monday May, 2 2016) has since brought forth substantial information that must be considered for resolution. As more public scrutiny challenges Truss Construction Shop’s reputation, it is imperative that qualitative action is taken before it severely affects productivity. The following analysis of the aforementioned case delineates gathered information and pertinent background…show more content…
Therefore, Harry Hillman’s experience, functions, and general relationship with employees should be evaluated to determine if he meets the responsibilities expected of him. In addition, to weigh comments of both parties, there should be affirmation if there is any potential risk of machines in use in-between maintenance checks and if all tools or safety utensils are always provided for use. Examples of this could be proper eye-wear and hand-protection (in the form of push sticks), which provide basic protection (Winter, 2014). If Craftsmen can provide more support with how and why he feels the company was negligent, it could reflect other issues within the company and call for change. In another light, if Harry Hillman saw John Craftsmen “goofing around” with his co-workers prior to the incident, Hillman should be asked: (1) How long before injury did Hillman witness Craftsmen’s behavior? (2) Did Hillman mention Craftsmen’s behavior because he feels it reflects Craftsmen’s workmanship or ethic? If so, why didn’t Hillman address Craftsmen behavior before allowing him to proceed with any heavy machinery? This criteria needs to be checked considering Hillman is expected to have a significant amount of oversight on machinery and should be adhering to the strict liability precautions of Truss Construction Shop. In respect to John Craftsmen, the debate whether he used all safety procedures must
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