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Trust and Alliance Trust is an aspect that does not happen overnight in any given relationship. Trust is a belief that takes time to nurture and mature as people get to know one another. For instance, business relationships have its ups and downs because it is new and everyone is not accustomed to one another. Furthermore, an overwhelming amount of trust can cause partners to stop committing to the alliance and conflict arises; it is the job of human resources (HR) to become a mediator to make sure all problems are resolved before the union damages any future success. The scope of this discussion is to address what trust strategies HR can instill in potential business partners, what practices human resources should implement during conflict and HR advising the chief executive officer (CEO) how to approach untrustworthy alliances.
Trust Strategies between Human Resources and Potential Alliance Partners It is important to have trust in business relationships to maintain a long-lasting alliance between corporations to reap the rewards of each other’s present and future clientele. In of view of building trust in alliances, human resources must take steps to ensure trust between businesses is not overbearing and not taken for granted. As reported by Harrison and Furlong (2012), HR can enact trust between alliance partners in four steps in the following:
• “Alignment of Objectives and Interests
• Identification of Issues and Challenges
• Issue Resolution and Decision Making
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