Trust: Truth and People Essay

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A Kind of Flying is comprised of compilation of selected short stories by Ron Carlson. The stories are mostly written in first person. Carlson writes the story in an extraordinary and sensitive way with bizarre surface happenings. The stories are filled with imaginative humorous tales with epigrammatic dialogue. In the selected four stories titled, “Bigfoot Stole My Wife,” “I Am Bigfoot,” “The Tablecloth of Turin,” and “The Chromium Hook,” describes the concept and the difference between truth and reality, and what we choose to believe and not to believe. Credibility is one of the major themes addressed in the stories. It is also emphasized that determining between what reality is and what is not is a very difficult decision. Carlson…show more content…
And I'm here to tell you. Believe it. Everything. everything you read. Everything you hear. Believe your eyes. Your ears. Believe the small hairs onthe back of your neck. Believe all of history, and all of the versions of history, and all the predictions for the future. Believe every weather forcast. Believe in God, the afterlife, unicorns, showers on Tuesday. Everything has happened. Everything is possible. The narrator goes through his experiences until he reaches the end when he says that anything is possible, and he believes this because extraordinary things have happened to him. He tells his audience that they should believe as well because these things do happen. So, in the end, what the narrator is saying about what people believe in is this: p eople believe in strange things, to the extent that they have experienced strange things. Because the narrator has experienced strange things, he thinks that everything is possible. And that, I believe, is the purpose of the story about the flooding river. He's building credibility to himself and saying something about why he could believe that Big Foot took his wife. The next story is titled, “I am a Bigfoot” is connected with the story of “Bigfoot Stole my Wife,” and it has a connected theme regarding credibility as what people will believe in. Specifically, the theme of "I am bigfoot" is a metaphor for all men or woman for that matter, who are unfaithful or the “I am a Bigfoot” is a metaphor for all men or
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