Trust Vs. Mistrust. Erickson 's First Stage

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Trust vs. mistrust Erickson’s first stage occurs during the first year of life, and during this stage the infant is unsure about the world they live in. The infant will look for there their primary care giver for stability and consistency of care. If the care the infant is receiving consistent, predictable, and reliable then the child will develop a sense of trust, and will feel secure when they are the child is threatened. Also, success in the first stage will lead to the virtue of hope. By developing this sense children will have hope that someone is there when crises arises. However, if the care has been inconstant or harsh the child will develop a sense of mistrust and won’t have confidence in the world around them or their ability to influence events. If this happens the child will carry a basic sense of mistrust and could develop anxiety and heightened insecurities (McLeod). During this stage in my life I don’t remember what it was like because I was only one year old, but I asked my parents what I was like during this stage. During the first stage I was living with my dad, mom, older sister, older bother, and my twin sister. From what I was told I was an easy baby and I liked to be near my twin. Also, when I would cry or get upset my mom or dad would be there to comfort and see what I needed. My parents would play with my siblings and I and stimulated us to help us learn and grow. Although I don’t remember anything about this stage in my life…
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