Trust Vs. Mistrust: The Most Important Lesson Of Isabella

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“Trust vs. Mistrust”

At 8 months of age Isabella has shown to be curious around the world around her. She examines and gazes quietly at people when she does not recognize them. As if trying to figure them out. I felt that she would be trusting about people since I take her to visit friends and family. I also take her to the park ever so often in order for her to get comfortable with her surroundings. At her age she is exposed to feeling fear or hope. For the past eight months Isabella has received consistent care and we have built a strong relationship.
Erickson’s psychosocial theory emphasizes social interactions between people, but Isabella does not understand her surroundings to the extent that she is able to develop trust towards other members within society. I was able to stay home and look after Isabella, which is the reason she became attached. It is necessary for an infant to feel protected by their caregiver, but also need to not
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A behavior that continues to develop throughout life. Which is why it is crucial for Isabella to learn to trust the world around her. If she does not, she will grow up with anxiety issues and will mistrust the world that she lives in. “Trust Vs. Mistrust: The Most Important Lesson of Baby’s First Year,” posted on Chatham County Public Health Department stated, “Since babies use their parents to learn how to interact with other people, these babies may be frightened and unwilling to be independent.” Living in fear is no way to live and I am willing to help Isabella be willing to interact with her surroundings. Ever since she started spending more time with her dad and less with me, she has sudden bursts of tears. It is crucial for Isabella to independently learn that she is loved by other people. Lifespan development means that change happens throughout our lives. Isabella has plenty of time to develop and learn to love her
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