Trust Your Power Within

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Trust Your Power Within The purpose of a commercial is to strike an emotional, ethical, or logical response from the target audience. The ad forces people to say yes or no. Not all commercials are explicitly selling a product, but the premise is still the same, like a campaign for example. I found one commercial that appeals to almost everyone. Duracell's ad about Derrick Coleman is sixty seconds of inspiring self empowerment. Throughout this essay I will dive deeper into the context of the ad, revealing underlying messages, production techniques, historical similarities, and responses from different people. First, allow me to give you a synopsis of the ad so you have some context to work with. The commercial starts out showing Derrick Coleman walking through the tunnel at Century Link Field where the Seattle Seahawks play professional football. The ad cuts to a shot of his hearing aid and then Derrick himself begins to narrate the ad. He takes you from the troubles of his childhood through his high school football days. You can see people talking to him, but the sounds of the words are muted. He talks about how he thought his days playing football were over when he wasn’t drafted in the 2012 NFL Draft. He never let go of his dream and impressed Seattle Seahawks coaches in a tryout. The ad cuts back to Century Link Field, home of the 12th man. If you’re not a football aficionado this might seem like an odd characterization. The 12th man refers to the fans of the Seattle
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