Truth In Ernest Hemingway's Nothing But The Truth

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The two opening questions in the beginning of Nothing but the Truth conveys the message that saying part of the truth is not saying the truth. It also carries the message that the truth is something that the both sides agree upon. Saying the truth shouldn’t hurt anyone because the truth is what actually happened, and the truth is needed to bring justice. Throughout the story, these questions are disobeyed. As time passes in the novel, Philip shapes the truth to his advantage, and does not tell the whole story of the incident. This puts the country in a misunderstanding, and views Miss Narwin as the “bad guy.” As stated above, Philip’s truth changes throughout the novel. In the beginning, also what actually happened, it states that Philip was humming the National Anthem. Not only he was disturbing the class, he was being extremely disrespectful to the National Anthem. While talking to his friend, he admits that he was humming. “12:15 P.M. Discussion between Philip Malloy and Todd Becker in the School Lunchroom (line) ……. PHILIP MALLOY: Here. Take a piece. Humming, would you believe it? No way I’m staying in her classes.” (P. 27-28) This case of humming later turns into singing, as shown, “7:15 P.M. Discussion between Philip Malloy and His Parents…show more content…
In fact, Miss Narwin’s story does not get published in the papers. “MISS NARWIN: I’m fine. I wanted to ask you if you published that story - that story that you interviewed me for. MR DUVAL: Oh, right. Well, I certainly wrote it. And it has been filed. It was a pretty good story. All set to go too. But then South America … that situation … There’s no room.” (P.96) As proven, Miss Narwin’s story couldn’t have been filed, because of a situation in South America. The nation have only heard of Philip’s side, and has sent hurting telegrams such as the
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