Truth Is a Matter of Perspective

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There is always one idea that all humans react to and that is strong emotions. From Recollection of a Private, Warren Lee Goss writes “During the day I went over a portion of the battle-field in the road through the woods, where the Confederates had made the unsuccessful charge upon Kirby's battery. Here the dead lay very thick, and a number of their wounded were hidden in the thickets. They had fallen in many instances on their faces in the headlong charge; some with their legs torn off, some with shattered arms, and others with ghastly wounds in the head.” (Goss 51) As obviously shown the time period is the civil war the time where the realism movement was at a peak. This event was real and truthful but the author was not a participant of the battle but rather gain the stories from his trusted friends. He did tell of his time in basic training but to get more detail and action he needed another individual's experience. Our author just turned 20, he was young and patriotic with courage to join the Union Army. He imagined that signing up would bring enjoyment and adventure to his platitude life. His idea of the military life was turn to dirt and mud during basic training. Basic training is the most important trip since it helps shape what a military author would write since most soldiers would remember their days back in basic. This is realism since he is describing that actually happened during the days of the civil wars basic training. Now this does show his experience
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