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According to Dante, truth and dishonesty are viewed as the most sinful act to be done in the mid-evil period. In Dante's eyes, liars are sent to hell and truth holds a high standard to life, without truth one must face the consequence of lying. In today's society, truth is still important. Without truth there is no honesty and without honesty you cannot expect to maintain relationships. People may befriend you because of your lies, but you are not automatically assumed as a sinner. Whereas in the mid-evil period, if you were even thought of as not telling the truth you were automatically believed by Dante as a sinner who must suffer in hell. To Dante, truth is not about you but about the impact you have on society. Without…show more content…
Dante believes that people differ from animals due to the human gift of love and reason we receive from God. However, if humankind abuses this gift, the ultimate sin is expected. Although, hell is a consequence of liars it does not require a popularity vote. Even though you may be thought of as a good or nice person, hell does not depend on your personality but the effect you have on society. For example, Ulysses is viewed as a hero in whom he persuades Achilles to join the Greek forces, whereas instead his deceitfulness ended Achilles in a prophesied death and Diomedes to mourn. Dante describes Ulysses act as follows: The horse that made the doorway through which went forth The Romans' noble seed. Within their fire Now they lament the guile that even in death Makes Deidamia morn Achilles, and there They pay the price for the Palladium." (Dante 219) A liar is not the only name for a person that provides another with misinformation, liars can also be known as seducers, whom deceive and take one for advantage for their own selfish reasons. For example, Jason, the leader of the Argonauts seduced and abandons Hypsipyle for the quest of the golden fleece. Later he also abandon's his wife whom won him the golden fleece. Jason tricks these women into thinking he loved them, whereas his only pursuit was meant for his own

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