Truth and Deception in Advertising

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ruth And Deception In Advertising There is much to be discussed about what the role advertising has in today’s society. Everywhere you look, and go there is usually some sort of advertising present. Whether watching TV, walking around a mall, or reading a magazine, people are bombarded with advertising. So it brings into question, what kind of role should advertising have, and what kind of ethics should merchants of products go by. There are many different opinions on the ethics merchants should have. Some people believe they should have a tell all type of approach when making a sale, while others on the other end believe that merchants should do whatever it takes to make the sale, even if it means lying. Here I have presented the two…show more content…
Suppressio Veri does not support this notion, instead puts the seller at an advantage over the buyer. Another notion that Machan brings up is the idea of how some from an altruistic sense (concern for well-being and welfare of others) would feel about the ethics of advertising/merchants role. Of course those from an altruistic sense would favor the tell-all stance, and see Suppressio Veri as being wrong, As Machan says, “If we are to live solely to do good for others, then when we have reason to believe that telling the whole truth will promote others well-being, we morally ought to tell the whole truth to the person. So when a merchant has reason to believe that telling his customers about lover prices elsewhere (for goods which he sells at higher price) will benefit his customer, he ought morally to do so.” This basis, not only an opposition to Suppressio Veri but also in part to the merchant ethic and Caveat Emptor, I see as having defaults. Machan mentions, as the theory of intuitionism state’s, “One should not promote one’s weaknesses, one should not volunteer information detrimental to one’s prospects.” And then goes on to give a good example of why he believes the altruistic way fails, “I doubt anyone would seriously advise job seeking philosophers to list their CVs rejected articles and denied promotions-that would be counterintuitive”. Here is why I feel the tell all, altruistic approach to advertising fails.
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