Truth and Reality

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The text asserts that "reality is a product of the cultural and historical period in which it exists." Examine this position either cross-culturally (comparing societies in two different countries) or historically (comparing one country, probably the U.S., in two different time periods). For example, you could discuss accepted "truth" about the Earth's position in the universe today compared to that of the 1600s.

After reading the text it truly seems like “truth” and “reality” are always changing. What seems to be 100% true right now may seem silly one hundred years from now, or even in a few years. I agree that “reality is a product of the cultural and historical period in which it exists." An example that came to mind is the
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19 of the suspected witches were accused and then hung on Gallows Hill, one seventy-one year old man was pressed to death, and others died in jail. Years later, many of townspeople felt guilty and said that they had made a mistake in accusing people of witchcraft. Only 250 years later did Massachusetts formally apologize for the Salem witch trials.

Multiple studies were carried out in the 20th century regarding the cause of the episodes that occurred before the Salem witch trials. One hypothesis, proposed by psychologist Linnda Caporael was published in Science in 1976. Her hypothesis was that the strange behaviors the young girls were having were due to the fungus ergot. Ergot is found in foods such as rye and wheat. Salem was a village that produced rye during the spring and summer because it had a warm and damp climate, which is also the climate that ergot thrives in. Toxicologists have reported that the ergot causes the same episodes as reported in 1692. Ergot contaminated foods may cause vomiting, muscle spasms, and delusions.

This is an example of how the truth and reality have changed. In the 1600’s it was possible that the Devil could take over souls and give normal people magical abilities. Science was not very advanced, so it was easy to blame weird circumstances on the supernatural. Today, we have much more technology and medical knowledge to explain weird
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